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About Atria Group of Companies

Meet our visionary founder and team

Pioneering the way is our visionary founder and team, leading alongside a passionate team of innovators. Together, they turn bold dreams into remarkable achievements, propelling us to unprecedented heights of success and innovation.

C S Sundar Raju

Promoter Director

Karthik Raju


Kaushik Raju

Executive Director

K Nagaraju

Promoter Director

Dr. Rayudu Mannam




The Atria group, established in 1960, has spent over 50 years shaping the future through sustainable energy and innovative community initiatives. As India's first private hydro power producer, Atria also taps into solar and wind energy. The groups is also the founder of ACT Fibernet, which provided high-speed internet across southern India. Atria is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and exceptional service. Inspired by its founders' visionary concept, Atria tackles challenges with a profound sense of duty, striving to serve a broader audience. Beyond renewable energy, Atria pledges to a sustainable ecosystem that fulfills human needs. As a tech-forward, customer-focused brand, Atria champions the shift from centralised to decentralised systems, promoting empowerment and connectivity. They also support crucial social causes like hunger eradication, education, and healthcare, envisioning a better world for tomorrow.

A pledge to sustainability

Atria's unwavering pledge to sustainability drives innovative energy solutions and community initiatives, fostering a greener, brighter future for all.

Energy independence

Atria’s commitment to energy independence, innovative renewable solutions, empowering communities and ensuring a sustainable and self-reliant future.

Commitment to decentralization

Atria’s dedication to decentralisation, Atria advocates for creative approaches that empower local communities, boost connectivity, and promote sustainable development.

Our core beliefs

Where are we currently ?



Leading the Charge in Transforming Bengaluru's Hospitality Industry Landscape.


Technology - ACT

Trailblazers Instrumental in Paving the Way for India’s Digital Age



India's Renewable Power Trailblazers with 550MW Capacity, Leading Solar, Wind, and Hydel Projects.


Public infrastructure

Driving Force Behind the Construction of Iconic Landmarks In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh 



Molding South India's Youth Future with Atria University and Institute of Technology.

About Atria

For over two decades, we've pioneered sustainability in India, generating hydroelectric power and serving industry giants like Coca-Cola and TVS. Beyond business, we've enriched Bangalore communities with ACT Fiber net and more. Now, we're revolutionizing solar rooftops for homes, offering seamless energy independence. Join us for a brighter, greener future, hassle-free.

Know More about Atria


“We are incredibly impressed with Atria's exceptional service. Their professionalism made the entire process effortless, and our power supply began flawlessly. Kudos to Atria for powering Coca-Cola's success!”


“Atria's service has been outstanding. Their seamless professionalism ensured a smooth power supply setup with zero hassle. A big thank you to Atria for fueling Microsoft's achievements!”


“We are delighted with Atria's professional and seamless service. Power supply began smoothly in February 2018, a great success for both Atria and Novotel Techpark. Thank you for your outstanding service”

Generated 500MW+ Renewable Power
Educating 6,000+ students
Provided broadband service to 2.1+ Millions
Served over 10+ Million meals and counting

Our Personal touch to Sustainability

At Farmlore, we are on a journey of discovering and in some instances, rediscovering “Locavore” traditions, cultures and it's connection with our Mother Earth.We hope to re-enact these stories through our culinary creations, encapsulating forgotten traditions through futuristic adaptations in a one-of-a-kind food theatric experience specially curated for a sustainable gastronomy.

How Atria deals differently with its customers?

Searching for a product

Buying a Product

Customer Satisfaction


Atria holds the conviction that access to energy is a fundamental human right, Atria commits to delivering sustainable solutions that not only meet this demand but also aim to spread happiness.


Atria places the consumer at the heart of its mission, ensuring every decision and tailored to designed with the customer's needs and satisfaction.


Atria places a strong emphasis on providing unparalleled service, ensuring that every interaction adds value and fosters commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Atria prioritizes swift responses to client inquiries and challenges, ensuring immediate attention.


Atria adopts a long-term perspective on customer relationships, aiming to not just win business but to earn a lifelong partner.

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